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Become an Adlandpro Paid Keyword Publisher today and start earning money now!
By simply referring traffic through your "special link" you will be paid everytime somebody clicks on ads you are hosting. 

You only need to insert a small snippet of code into your website and you're on your way to your first cheque.

You decide how many and exactly what to display on your website.  You can choose to display only 1 ad or as many as 20 customized ads whose content you select. 

By promoting our ads, you're guaranteed to make money each time someone clicks on these ads as opposed to other affiliate programs which only pay commissions when sales are made.
We pay commissions once a month. On each first day of the following month. Once your commissions reachs $35, you will be elligible for payout when the next commission run is scheduled.

Here is how this works.

Adlandpro PPC Website Ad Code

1. Enter the Ad Rendering code

Put small snipet of  code on your website where you have space available or where you want our ads to appear.

Adlandpro PPC Auction

2. We serve ads

Ads which have the highest click value will appear on your site.
Visitors Click on Adlandpro PPC ads

3. Visitors click on ads

Visitors to your site find ads displayed on your pages intersting and click on them to visit the advertiser site.
Adlandpro PPC Payout Check

4. We send you a cheque

When you reached the minimu payable amount in your account, we will send you a check.


You will need to do following to become part of this program.

1. Sign up ( unless you have already Adlandpro account, you will just need to login)
2. Register your websites where you will be displaying our PPC ads
3. Wait for approval of your pages. This usually is done within 24 hour period.
4. Once you site is approved, you will receive an email and you will be able to retrive your code.
5. Place the selected ad rendering code on your website.

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Reasons for choosing our program:

  • Sophisticated Referral Tracking - Get paid accurately!
  • We will provide you with detailed statistics on your traffic broken up by days

    PPC Statistics
  • Monthly Payouts - Get paid on time!
    • Earnings of 20% from your link - Get paid more than most other programs!
    • 5% commissions from earnings of affilaites you have sponsored
    • 5% commissions from earnings of non-referral affiliate if you are ranked as top 50 for the month.
  • Customizable.  You choose ad categories and number of ads on your pages. - You're in control!


                                                                         Payment structure

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